Document Management, Workflow and E-Source

Image Management Module

The Image Management Module is designed to manage the paper-based documents of an organisation. Documents scanned into the system are recognised as images which are indexed and stored electronically. Once stored the image is available immediately for access by authorised personnel for review, query resolution and business processing. The system allows for notes to be recorded as well as other functions such as sending via email.

Electronic Documents Module

The DigiData Systems Electronic Documents Module addresses the management of electronic documents and files, designed to gather all key documents of the organisation from all originating devices, and locate these in one central system where they can be managed and protected. The Electronic Documents Module incorporates comprehensive change management control.

Integrated Workflow Module

The DigiData Systems Integrated Workflow Module incorporates an extensive workflow management capability. The system supports the integration of document images, electronic files and electronic forms with a comprehensive workflow engine that seamlessly links all documents together and routes these through defined action, authorisation and information paths. These paths will cause/initiate the necessary actions in the organisation that will achieve efficiency and effectiveness of the business processes.


All modules integrate automatically with ODBC systems for data sharing, particularly to auto index data on records being processed into the system. Special Integrators can be constructed to handle access to other databases and system files for dynamic integration of data.

Kiosk Module

The DigiData Systems Kiosk Module is configurable for any application that provides Customer, patients and/or personnel with ‘kiosk’ based facilities for self service, registration, admittance and personal data inquiry, provides for scan and submission of documents from kiosk (admission, application, ID, leave applications etc) as well as E Transactions, and can capture photographs and fingerprints.


The E-Messaging Module is configurable for integration into components that require an ability to auto generate messages, manages the automatic scheduling and generation of messages, sends messages via SMS, USSD, or WhatsApp. It maintains a register of all communications, builds a comprehensive audit trail of messages sent, has a received message importer and processes these into record transactions and Workflow.

Comprehensive and Industry Specific Products

Workforce Management

The DigiData Systems Workforce Management manages the credentials, qualifications and skills of an available workforce, manages the recruitment / deployment of personnel by purpose, qualification and task across the organisation on a temporary or permanent basis, builds a history of deployment across projects / jobs, performance management rating of personnel and maintains a database of prospective workforce employees for recruitment.

Logistics Management

The DigiData Systems Logistics Management manages the co-ordination and transport of commodities, maintains Transporter contracts, automates correspondence with Collection and Delivery Points, provides for the collection of all Transport and Customs documentation, Records load collection and delivery and reconciles weighbridge tickets from Collection and Delivery Points.

SHEQ Module

The DigiData Systems SHEQ Module manages the recording, data collection and resolution of SHEQ incidents, provides E Transaction recording of incidents that occur, collects all relevant documentary and photographic evidence where applicable, workflows the incident and all investigation findings for review and records remedial action.

Asset Tracking Module

The DigiData Systems Asset Tracking Module generates Barcode labels for asset and location marking, Immovable Assets linked to locations, Immovable Assets tracked and monitored by location, Movable assets tracked by expected return dates, Movable assets linked to responsible personnel for temporary or permanent use and is upgradable to RFID for active asset tracking.